Bosey Smiley

From a very young age I have always loved music.My older brother Reggae Smiley from out of Bubblers High Quality was my biggest influencer to go into music. I was named after him as Junior Smiley , but as growing up  the confidence I developed as being a Selector and the way I handled the sound system I was renamed Bosey Smiley.

1982 I played music on Jacob sound, not seriously just having fun.

I started to take music seriously from 1984/1985 with Selectors Outer-national.

Late 80s to early 90s I did a few guest appearances on Front line Radio with Selectors Sound.

1993/1994  I started to play Hussla Ghetto Hart, which I am still playing today.
I also completed some work shops with some teenagers aged 13 to 18 and 18 to 25, teaching all aspects of DJing.

2021 I started the Anything goes Show on GYRadio. Still ongoing.

In my years of playing music I have achieved 15 medals/trophies for various achievements in music.

Played all over England and 7 other countries which includes Jamaica/ Barbados and Spain.