Chris Clarke

Music Styles: Open Format

Club Classics, Funky House, Commercial Dance, Chart Music, Garage, R&B

I’m Chris Clarke a Club, Corporate and bar DJ for over 25 years with a proven track record for successfully fulfilling contracts, whilst being professional. I have a keen interest in the music and entertainment business; effective organizational and communication skills. I am a proactive, decisive and enthusiastic person. I am a good team player able to manage and set priorities/ objectives to achieve team success.

Extensive but diverse music collection – 70’s |80’s | 90’s (to present)

Club History: 1991 – Present

Chris Clarke, has successfully fulfilled contractual obligations at the following venues: –

Hanover Grand | Samantha’s | Marlow’s | Imperial Gardens | Limelight | Caesar’sPalace | Le Fez |Elite| Eve Club| Stratford Rex| Aquarium Nightclub| Sushi Bar North& South Pole Wine Bar | Earl’s Wine Bar | Ohm |The Beckenham |Bar Flux| Gallery Maidstone| Arcadia|Nyne lounge|

As part of a promotional team, I was involved in “LOLLYPOP” a sponsored night by the multi-media group ‘Chupa Chups’. This club night “LOLLYPOP” was used to promote safe sex within London.

I also previously carried out work for the Hackney Community, such as music all-day events for the local youths. I have played music at various youth club events over the summer holidays; Community Fundraisers and Cultural Events. I have worked at ‘The Grand Prix Award Party’ hosted by TBWA, London.