Davinci & Terry P
Musical Entrepreneur

I didn’t start buying music seriously til the mid-80’s. I remember buying Get Ready by Frankie Paul and deciding that I was going to build up a collection. Myself, brother and 2 cousins started a (very little) sound called Nemesis and we’d play (very rarely) at the odd party, here and there. At the time I only bought reggae.
In 1993 I hooked up with a couple of classmates who had started a sound called Vanity.

They had the soul music and I played all the reggae (ragga/lovers/revival).
Late 90’s, joined VibesFM and started putting on an annual Comedy Boat Dance.
Through the 00’s, started playing more soul as well as other genre’s. Also, started putting on more events.
2007/8 left Vanity and hooked up with Terry P as my mic man.

Now, I play across the board when it comes to genres but maybe with a soul bias.
2020 joined www.cruize-radio.com and do a show called Monday Night Special from 8-11pm each week.
We had residencies: Sunday Special (at The Whitehouse in Clapham) and The Finest at Club 791 in Croydon.
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