Double O

In the late 80’s i started Mcing on Frontline International with Trevor Frontline, Selector Stevie World, Culture Renee and Shortman where would would play at parties and big events.
My passion for Mcing grew where i went to local house parties in my area and was Mcing on the local Sounds in my area.
Later in 1989 I was entered a Mcing competition in Nottingham where world heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis was one of the judges at the time and The Legendary Saxon Sound alongside V Rocket was playing.
. At the time Nelson mandela was in prison and i wrote a lyrics about it which was revant at the time and did chat it on the mic in the dance and got a crowd forward. 
I Did not come anywhere in the competition but the owner from saxon Dennis Rowe was so impressed with my delivery he asked me to join the rest of the members of the legendary Saxon who were the great Papa Levi, Tippa Irie, Daddy Colonel, Daddy Rusty, Senior Sandy, and Jnr Sandy where we played with Sounds from all over the world And toured all over england, Euroupe, Jamacia, America and Bermuda. and my name was known all over the world and london.
I later left Saxon in 1995 as i felt i was always at the back and wanted to be more upfront. 
I went to the Street Sound Circuit and went to a house party with my  longtime freind Sweet Vybz from 5th Avenue where a sound called Reminisce was playing.
They played a wide genre of music which consited of Reggae, Soul, Hip Hop Garage and the list goes on and they were in need of a mic man i then was refered to them by a freind who followed Saxon and at a later date i joined Dj Yardy, Spitter Ranks, Dj Mex, and Willeyboom. where we played at Le Fez, Ezikels, Citizens nightclub and other events at the time.
I later left Reminisce and joined After Dark UK where i met two of the members Brandy Lee and Garry at a house party and he asked me to fill in when he could not make it to events where they where playing.
I joined the sound on a permernent basis in 2001 where i brought my own style and joined Other members Roger Bailey Christoss, and the late Fox RIP. and we played at every event alongside all the top streetsounds.
In 2014 i left After Dark to endevour in my own solo carrer as a freelance Master of Ceremony and have been a host a most events that i have been booked for
Such as – Soul4Reel, Sounds Of Blackness, Strictly Sophisticated, Kings Of Slowjamz Part II New Years Show & Dance And Soul Prestige (Birmingham)
I also do a radio show on fridays from 10pm-12am on The Rock 926.Com which consists of new Independent Soul, Future Soul & Neo Soul.
Streaming via The Rock 926.Com Website. Mixcloud Mc Double O and Facebook Alex Dubz Baillie.
Find me on Instagram Dubz_12