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Founded in 2020, GET YOUR TICKETS is the one stop shop for the events tickets.
We want to bring back the fundamental experience of attending events with family and friends, without the hassles that inflexible ticketing can bring.


17 March 2020

On behalf of Get Your Tickets please note that we are currently working behind the scenes to make decisions with venues and promoters on how to proceed with events that you may have booked tickets for. Things are changing so quickly that decisions made 3 days ago no longer apply in some cases with updates to advice from the governments.

We as Promoters hold none of your funds, but rest assured your hard earned money is safe with the venues ticketing companies.

When we are able to provide clarity for a decision on an event you will automatically be issued either a refund if it is cancelled, or if an event proceeds and you chose not to you will not receive a refund.

We are working to have official statements as quickly as we possibly can and we thank you for your patience.


Martin Wynter

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