Ms L vibez

Hi, my name is Lorraine and I DJ under the name of Ms L Vibez. I’ve had passion for music from a very young age. I owe my love for music from my mother, who was a lover of music and had a large collection of vinyl, also my brother who introduced me with soul music.

I started out being the provider of music for friends and family, by playing from my cd
collection, or bringing my laptop and playing music. One day I got spotted by another dj
who decided to take me along to a few of his events and it just blew up from there.

I have now been deejaying professionally for 10 years +
I’m also part of SD Media Group.

Some past events are:-

Soul4reel, Soul le Chic, Inna Grooves,
Deep Soul
Soul Society
Reminisce in the city
Carry on Comedy – Ibiza
And many more


I also work for a dj company called Midlands Pro Djs, and musically entertain for various events and occasions such as corporate events, weddings, birthdays etc

I specialise in a wide range of music, soul, reggae, house, rnb and more, With soul being
my No.1, and recently won the Blaqout award for “the best female soul presenter 2020”

I love to play music people know and love as well as others which may not be as well known but is definitely good music and of high calibre.

I’ve also have been the warm up DJ for the group ayodi who are from Birmingham at the
Jam House, and have also warmed up for the USA Duo Kindred the Family Soul who
appeared at the Hare and Hounds.

I currently do a weekly show on Skyline Radio where I play a mixed bag of music such as
RnB, Independent Soul, Old Skool Soul, Rare Grooves, Slow Jams, and more. Also a weekly one hour show on GY Radio, which is called the Power Hour, where I also play a mixed bag, no week is the same. And a two hour show on Thursdays, I Also do a monthly show on Global Soul Radio and the
music normal consists of new and old independent soul with a splash of old skool.

My aim is to leave a lasting impression in my listeners heart and mind.

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