I am paul shepherd aka pc nightlife a musician turned into a dji used to play musical instruments a bass guitarist but could also play the electric guitar double bass drums and piano I have benn doing so since the age of nine and has always loved music I played a lot of gospel in church but when I left church I had a eye for a Dj so I started collecting music at a very early age I use to use my dinner money and buy music and starved myself when I left church I did join up with a big man sound called Genova  then I moved onto the east London circuit playing with the likes of cousins inc class act underworlds and other sounds such as good fellas I then joined up with a guy called Martin j who now plays with sweet vibes inc at that time I was on radio a station called dream fm split from Martin we was called nightlife boys with a MC call MC x Exroy then I went solo a few time as just pc nightlife I still did the odd dance with shoe doctor and boogie boy who’s now been upgraded to vip boogie 😊

I also done a good few show on radio with dirty den out of company soul sound for about a year then years later joined with the big man Calvin Francis who I now play with but still do gigs on my own as and when I feel to take the booking I also joking another promotion soul 4 real I was one of the founder as well as simple Simon d nice and chemist rip I then moved over to and promotion called into soul this lasted for about 3 years before that went sour now I have formed a partnership with simple Simon called nights of the underground which still exist I am now back on radio injection on and Sunday and gy radio on a Friday it’s going well