Poleto DON

My name is Poleto Don Mostly Known to the music world as The Lyrical Wizzard for my lyrical contents that is hand picked by myself as i choose to write my own material,ive been performing & a lyrics writer from the early years of 1975 just by hearing songs then changing up the words jus to suit my style of toasting which was the right name for it in those days,i was also highly inspired by a DJ back in the days called ROY RANKIN who was a top dj for a north london sound called
FAT MAN HIFI as well as many from Jamaica but roy rankin taught me everything i know to this day & ive stuck to that way of entertaining ever since👌ive worked with many sound systems/street sounds and with many years in the business ive come to a decision to go freelance from 2018 which is one of the best choices ive made as an MC,it gives me the opportunity to gel more with other DJs & MCs,finally i lov what i do & always keep it clean & tidy at all times in a gentleman way,
yours truly