Swaby Irie

I was first introduced to the sound game in 1982 by assisting my father with the transporting of equipment for his NW London sound named Starlight. This introduction ignited a passion in me to begin playing music at the tender age of 15. The year was 1987, and with a group of friends, a brand new sound was created called Klear Expression. Years passed, and after much success with Klear Expression, a sound called  Image was born. During the early years of my DJ career, I specialised in playing Ragga and Reggae music. After a short interlude, I re-entered the music scene in 2007 by joining Satisfaxion sound. This gave me the opportunity to develop my craft and play all styles of music, raising my game to a greater level. After 14 years with Satisfaxion, it was time to move on. Swaby Irie ‘the girls dem diary’ is now in full effect (after thirty-five years in the music industry DJ music industry). I am climbing to optimal heights through my, ‘Wha hotter dan dis?’events. Now solely focused on captivating my audience by sharing my love of music through live events, music mixes and live streaming events.